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Map & Directions to McLaren Technology Centre

McLaren Technology Centre, Chertsey Rd, Woking GU21 4YH

Guidelines for New Starters:

  1. Please ensure that you arrive 15 mins before your shift on your first day

  2. Please bring photo ID with you on your first day. This can be passport, driving licence photo card, provisional driving licence photo card, validated UK photo card

  3. On arrival, please contact the Resident Engineer or Team Leader. We will have given you their contact details before your first day

  4. Upon arrival, you will be asked to show your Photo ID so that you can be issued with your security pass. The pass must be kept on your person and clearly displayed at all times when on site and returned at the end of your shift

  5. Unless you are permanent staff, you may be required to obtain a new security pass every day that you work at McLaren

  6. At this time your point of contact will already have met you and you will be asked to watch a short, site-specific health & safety video. You will not be allowed in plant until you have watched this safety video in its entirety

  7. Your point of contact will also ask you to complete our ISL014 form (Inspection Services Ltd new starters Orientation and Induction Disclaimer Form + Health & Safety in the Workplace Video Viewer Acknowledgement Disclaimer Form). Again, you will not be allowed in plant until you have read and signed our ISL014 form

  8. All Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must be worn when on site (safety Shoes & high viz vest) You are expected to arrive with your own safety shoes. You will be given a high viz vest on your arrival. 

  9. If and/or when approached by Security, please confirm that you are working for Artisan Repair Concepts Ltd, contracted through ISL as their official partner on site at the McLaren.

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Travelling To The Site

Driving Directions:

McLaren Technology Centre is located just off Chertsey Rd, Woking GU21 4YH. As you come off the Paragon Roundabout, keep going until you reach a large circular building on your left hand side. This is the  McLaren Technology Centre. 

Please park here. Speed Limits must be followed when on McLaren Premises.


Public Transport:

The nearest train station to McLaren Technology Centre is ‘McLaren, Woking’. It is an 8-minute walk away.


But routes to McLaren Technology Centre are: 446, RA2. Nearest bus stops are an 8-minute walk away.

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