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Resident Engineer - London, South East

Candidate will be responsible for  liaising between supplier and car manufacturer. Fast reaction response to quality issues found inside global car manufacturing engine plant. This is a customer facing role and the candidate will be responsible for day-to-day management and coordination of quality issues on site. 

Location: London, South East 

Expertise: Engineering Degree

Extent of support: Full time

Start of support: As soon as possible

Duration of support: Ongoing

Salary: Experience dependent




  • Initiate the preliminary analysis of any quality issue detected 

  • Review customer assembly processes to detect potential quality issues

  • Communicate issues clearly to plant team with key data

  • Ensure the follow up of the status and due dates of 3D & 8D reports

  • Report ‘the voice of the customer’ back to supplier plants

  • Validate the effectiveness of actions in vehicles on customer assembly line

  • Report the repairs made on customer site

  • Send a complaint report once a quality problem is detected by the supplier or by the customer

  • Coordinate the implementation and report the results of any containment plan

  • Create and track the list of open issues pending resolution with plant team

  • Assist the customer on quality issues regardless of the source of the problem

  • Create an environment of trust with the customer 

  • Negotiate with the customer the reduction of the number of rejected parts or the cancellation of any potential complaints

  • Attend meetings with customer to present the investigation reports and plant findings

  • Improve the design during prototype and sample stages by making effective contributions at both customer and supplier facilities

  • Audit regularly how the customer handles our products

  • Suggest improvements to both customer and supplier


  • Excellent attention to detail

  • Relevant technical knowledge

  • Ability to prioritise 

  • Problem-solver - tenacious and will use creativity, innovation and an analytical approach to exhaust all options until a satisfactory solution is found

  • Ability to remain calm under pressure with unforeseen quality issues 

  • Effective communicator - able to engage effectively at all levels. 

  • Able to vary approach and content to motivate, persuade, query and challenge

  • Decisive - confident in making difficult decisions, balancing the analysis of data with personal judgement and is able to consider the ramifications 



  • Engineering degree required 

  • Previous exposure to an engine plant and quality inspection

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office

Candidates need to live within daily commutable distance of the engine plant.

Must speak and be able to communicate effectively in English.

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